Downhill slide

Hello, again, hello.

(Pause for a Neil Diamond sing along)

When I first started my journey towards riding my Peloton 100 days in a row, I fully intended to blog every day about every ride. Life, however, got in the way. It turns out that just finding the time to get in a ride is all the time I have sometimes. Thus, the blog hasn’t been kept up to date. I could say I’m going to do better but I’d rather not lie. Today, though, someone asked me if I had made it to a hundred rides yet. When they asked me, if occurred to me that others might be wondering too. Some may even be thinking that I quit.

They’d be thinking wrong.

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Day 17-What number am I on?

It’s 22, for the record. The only way I know which day I’m on of this journey is there’s a spreadsheet you can download of all your workouts (pictured below) that makes it easy for me to see which day. The good news is I’m almost a quarter of the way in to this journey. The bad news is I’m only a quarter of a way in to this journey. I’m joking, kind of.


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Days 12-16: I haven’t quit

For anyone following along with this journey (Hi, Mom), you may have been worried for the approximate last week that I quit. I mean, I haven’t written about how much my body hurts for almost a full week. Let your worries subside, my friends, as I have still been riding. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like writing much last week. It was a pretty busy week at work and due to a few different factors, I ended up doing a lot of my rides in the evening instead of the morning or at lunch. When I say “in the evening,” I actually mean “directly before bed.” Since there’s zero chance zombie mode sleepy Susan is writing, that’d leave it to the morning. Anyone who knows me knows I’m even more zombie mode first thing in the morning so that wasn’t happening either. If I had written, it most likely would have been a lot more whiney then what you’re getting ready to get. Long story short, I was tired and lazy and just didn’t feel like writing (and sometimes riding) but I’m back to recap now.

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Day 10: Working out the negativity

It’s Monday, my friends, and I could barely convince myself to get on the bike. Yesterday, I had something happen which I’m not going in to details over (except to my mother. She has to listen to everything. That’s her punishment for releasing me upon this world) but it sort of got in to my head. It wasn’t even about what I’m doing here, but just a whole lot of negativity in what I thought was a positive environment. It started me down a path of planting those negative seeds in to what is actually pretty positive mental soil. I actually woke up with the strong inclination to just quit. I didn’t have a great reason. I just didn’t want to even try to make it through 100 days of riding. Once that thought popped in, things just started piling on. I mentioned it yesterday, I think, but I am feeling tired. I don’t feel like I’m hurting myself. I’m just tired. Thus, I was laying in my bed because our office is closed today, thinking up ways to write on here that I quit the challenge I set for myself. Before doing it, though, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this image.


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Day 9: Be Thankful

Top of the Sunday morning to you all! I hope everyone is feeling happy and healthy this morning. While I do feel pretty good, I need to own up to the fact that I absolutely don’t feel awesome. Yesterday evening, I was watching some football and decided it was the perfect occasion for some pizza and beer. I mean, come on, pizza+beer+football is a given, right? Right!


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Day 8: My Glutes are on Fire

When I began writing about this plan, I’m pretty sure I mentioned I am not in a great shape. (Unless you are looking for “round” as a sort of shape and if that’s the case, I’m extraordinary.) If we’re being honest, I’m the unhappiest I’ve been with my body in as many years as I can remember. I could wax poetic (as I’m prone to do) about how I got here, but it’s just a normal story. I ate (eat) as I like and haven’t been exercising to counteract all those delicious calories.

True Story

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