How was your vacation?

Last week, our offices were closed on Monday and Tuesday in observance of the holiday. #yayfreedom

After a very long end of winter/spring/beginning of summer, I was beyond ready for a couple extra days off. Though I can’t swear that I worked every single day, I spent an obnoxious amount of time fighting off sinus infections and migraines and doing work in my Master’s classes. Due to all this, I needed some down time to do the things that I’ve been putting off.

Like nothing and stuff.


This may be hard for people to guess about me, but there are times when I need to get away from people. Generally, I like to be around people and working with people and laughing and all that jazz. Sometimes, though, I need some me time. Time to reflect and reset and remember things that I tend to forget and then get bent out of shape over way too easy.

Due to this, I took two vacation days and kept the closed office party rolling for me for the rest of the week. Since I have to return to the real world tomorrow and I’ve already been asked by a couple of people, I thought why not review what exactly I did on my “vacation.”

  1. I ate. Like. All the food.


So, fun story. For the days prior to my vacation, I was under the weather. Surprise, I know. I had this cold that wouldn’t go away but I swear it was just a cold. Until it wasn’t just a cold and became a full blown respiratory infection. This led to me hitting up the doctor and going on a super fun 10 day run of antibiotics and steroids and sudafed, which I’m still on, by the way. I feel basically well, which is good, but I also feel like there’s a bottomless pit in my stomach. I’ve been eating basically constantly. I’m hoping that once I’m done with ye ol’ steroids that ye ol’ Hulk Angry Hunger will go with it. Since I’m feeling better, I guess you could also say that 1a. of what I did was get better.

2. I worked out every single day. 


Part of the reason I made sure to go to the doctor instead of riding out my sickness until I was on death’s door, per normal Susan behavior, was because I had made the decision to really try to hit up the gym this month. I was doing really well with it last month until the illness overtook me around the 18th. After that, I didn’t go for basically two weeks. That meant all the good I had done in the previous month was disappearing pretty quickly. I decided that I wanted to be very committed in the month of July, and in order to do that I needed to be healthy. Thus, the run of medication and admitting my body’s defeat. After one day of medicine, though, things cleared up to the point that I decided I felt well enough to workout. The next day I decided I felt better and why not work out. This trend kept on going, including a day spent in Winston-Salem where I used the hotel gym (and then ate a waffle. #sorrynotsorry). Having these extra two days off helped me get a good start on the month of July. Hopefully I can keep it rolling with the return of normal life that’s looming ahead.

3. Remembered why I am doing the things that I’m doing.


3a. Relationship: During these few days off, I was lucky that the man in my life had a couple of the days off too. It was nice to be able to spend time with him because we both have pretty hectic schedules. We didn’t go anywhere but it was just nice. I suggest just having time together where you don’t have to do anything else to anyone in a relationship. I think it serves as a good reset where you can both take a breath and appreciate how amazing you both are, both as individuals and as a couple.

3b. School: While I was off, I had to work on a group project in my HRER Master’s of a mock contract negotiation. It was extremely annoying for reasons I won’t get in to so I was glad to be able to just stop and focus on my schooling with nothing else in the way for those days. If I had to do what I did this past week while working, I probably would have had an epic meltdown. I mean, EPIC. With this downtime, though, I addressed what I had to address and moved on, surviving to live another week of schooling. Dealing with a group of people who are in Human Resource positions in their current employment and seeing how badly equipped they are to do so helped reinforce my reasons for doing what I’m doing. It was needed and I’m glad it happened, even if I couldn’t drink away the annoyance because of the antibiotics.

3c. Life: For about a month, I had really been struggling with a dark feeling down inside me. I talk about this from time to time, but when the feeling starts washing over my mental shores, I can drown when gasping for air. It’s hard to explain what causes it, which makes it nearly impossible to fix it. Having this down time, though, gave me a couple of days to just sit back and reset my mindset. There were things I was taking to heart that I really shouldn’t have been doing. There were things I was letting keep me up at night that, thinking on them now, I can’t help but laugh over. Taking a few days, two extra days specifically, off helped me remember to breathe. Remember why I am doing what I am doing and what end result I want to see out of those actions. Remember that 99% of the things I have to deal with that upset me at that moment are something I can’t even remember a month, a week, or sometimes a day later.

That’s it! That’s what I did on my vacation. I stayed home, reflected, and got my crap together. Now, everyone keep me in your thoughts….reality returns tomorrow morning bright and early.




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