Your workout buddy

On Monday, I was at the gym, in a place I like to call “Susanland.” It’s where I go when I’ve got about 15 minutes left to a workout and I’m in the midst of trying to convince myself not to stop and just lay down. On that particular day, I was on the Crossramp. It is not the machine I refer to as “the devil machine” if you follow me on Snapchat, but it still gets hard to keep going after 45 minutes. Back to the point, I was in my zone, concentrating on willing the seconds to move faster on the countdown clock on the screen.

After a minute, I realized that there were suddenly people on both sides of me. I didn’t really notice them showing up but there they were, starting their workouts. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of having people all around me. I start to feel like the air is too hot. I admit this is insane. On Monday, however, I realized I only had a few minutes left so I needed to suck it up. It wasn’t like either of the ladies surrounding me were snapping and expecting a throw down.

It’s a West Side exercise Story

Since I’m super creepy and was trying to stop focusing on my remaining workout time, I noticed that these ladies were both texting. This isn’t weird, I mean, even I text and it’s taking a chance with my life because I nearly fall off the machines just taking a drink of water. Anyway, what seemed weird was that one would text, then put down their phone, then the other would pick up their phone and text, then it’d bounce back. It only took me a solid two minutes to realized the truth…

…I was between two workout buddies. I’d probably ruined their plans by being on the middle machine in a set of three. Now, instead of being able to just openly chat back and forth, they had a person who looked like she was watching a tennis match as they texted back and forth between them. Luckily, my time ran down pretty fast and I was off the machine and no longer serving as a net.

This, however, got me thinking about workout buddies. A few years ago, I was still teaching classes. Before that, I was attending classes and always trying to get someone to go with me. I never wanted to go to a class or a gym alone. Having to do these things alone actually became a pretty reliable excuse for not doing them at all. I could wait until the next day, or the next day, or the next day to go workout if I didn’t have to go alone.

Somehow, since those days, this has completely changed.

Last year, I was working on running some 5Ks. I did the whole couch to 5k training and actually ran one with Joe. While I was training, he pointed out that I am not a talker. He, however, is a talker. This meant that he had to decide which devil he faced with each run –would he not talk and not enjoy the run as much or take a chance at talking to me and, with that, also take his life in his hands due to whatever mean thing I would say as a response. Example:

“It’s a beautiful day!”

“Yeah, if you like sunshine and flowers. We HATES IT.”


Needless to say, we didn’t run together long. I also remembered I really don’t like running, but that’s a different story.

My “leave me alone and let me do my own thing” attitude apparently has extended to the gym. When I am working out, I get in that zone and can’t talk because I’m out of breath don’t want to talk. Beyond that, I apparently get a look on my face that isn’t pleasant.


Does this mean I want to have nothing to do with people on their fitness journeys? No! It just means I’m a horrible gym buddy. If you need someone to text you and be like “yo, quit ya yappin’ and get to the gym” I can do that! If you need someone to have a competition with over steps or how many gym visits you make, I can do that too. I love accountability groups! It just appears that, in my grumpy old age actualization of value of self, I’ve decided I’m okay going to the gym on my own and it’s my preference. Talk to me all you want when I’m walking in, walking out, standing around reading flyers on the bulletin board. Heck, you can even talk to me while I am working out.

Just don’t expect a response. 😉



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